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We are very fortunate to live just outside of Stepaside in Dublin so we are really close the Dublin hills. I really enjoy going for a morning run around the house, and during the summer I often come across a herd of deer either grazing in someone’s front garden or crossing the road. They are absolutely breath-taking in real life, incredibly graceful, majestic and beautiful.


I wanted to express their soft features in a celebration of colour, energy and life. Did you know that deer can run up to 30 miles per hour to escape a threat. Also whitetail deer can jump up to 15 feet.


This original painting is completely unique and one of a kind. It is delivered professionally framed by Appletons Picture Framers in Stillorgan Dublin, in my signature limed white wooden frame, with an off-white double mount under glass. This piece is approximately 75cm x 90cm (framed) in size.


Please note this painting will not be available for shipping or collection until after 25th November 2019.

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