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Heads Up - Limited Edition Print

Heads Up - Limited Edition Print


This is a reproduction print of one of my first painting of an ostrich. I loved his plucky expression so I really wanted to depict the ostriches intense stare and the contrasting textures of his fluffy soft head feathers and hard beak. In order to achieve this loose, soft effect, I painted the ostrich directly on the paper without any preliminary pencil drawing (I didn’t draw the outline first and then start painting, I just painted). This is my favourite way to work as it allows the painting to evolve and come to life as I apply the pigment. It’s also a really exciting way to work as you never quite know what the finished painting will look like! I called him ‘Heads Up’ as nod to the myth that ostriches stick their heads in the sand.


There are only 200 of these limited edition fine art prints in existence. Each print is signed, numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity from the Copperhouse Gallery in Dublin. Prints can be ordered framed or unframed. The unframed print is 16x12” and framed its 20x16”. Framed prints are delivered in my signature off white frame with double off white mount under glass and shipping is free within Ireland.


    Shipping within Ireland is Free.

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